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Why Face Shields?

We believe face shields offer protection to the potential spread of Covid-19 and should be worn in the public working environment.

Although masks do prevent saliva droplets from reaching your nose and mouth, they do not prevent droplets from settling on your face and making their way to your nose and mouth. Furthermore, masks do require constant adjustments and force you to continually touch your face.

AMP Co. Face shields, once fitted, require little to no adjustment what so ever. Due to the innovative design, our shields fit all head shapes and sizes and only need to be adjusted once on initial set up. Contact areas where the frame rests on the head have been expanded to spread the weight of the shield, which prevents pressure points, headaches, and general discomfort from interfering with your daily activities.

Unlike masks, face shields allow for the entire face to be visible. This is a key factor in the work environment, as face shields encourage an environment where people can continually work with efficiency and clear communication.

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